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Who are we?  What do we do?

We are your friends and neighbors who have joined together to invest in building a better tomorrow for our families and our communities.  Extension Homemakers is for everone.  Most members meet in groups know as Extension Homemaker Clubs.  These clubs are organized around convenient meeting times - evenings, lunchtime, days - whater is best for the members of the group.  Mailbox memberships and special interest clubs are alternative types of memberships that may meet your needs.


Extension Homemakers activities focus on four things: 


Learning, Leading, Serving, and Supporting



As a member of the Butler County Extension Homemaker Association, which is part of the Kentucky Extension Homemaker Association (KEHA), you will have the opportunity to learn more about issues that concen today's families.  The family is the most effective and economical unit for rearing children and nurturing adults.  Yet the incidence of infant mortality, hosehold bankruptcy, child abuse and neglect, and nutritional inadequacy threatens families and communities throught our state and nation.

Monthly lessons help members explore these issues.  We learn skills and receive up-to-date information in nutrition and health, financial mangement, environmental stewardship, youth development, personal and family living, and global and international concerns.



 Extension Homemakers offers members the opportunity to develop leadership skills.  Leadership training workshops give you the tools you need to be an effective leader.  Serving on a committee or holding an office at the club or county leavel develops self-confidence.  Through the organization, you gain skills in setting goals, developing a plan of action, and working with others.  Homemakers all across the area put these skills to use by implementing projects that address local needs such as child safety, recycling, and health services.



Extension Homemakes are great community volunteers.  Through local clubs or county projects, members volunteer their time and give money to help our community.  In fact, last year the members in this area donated over 100,000 hours of time worth over $1.5 million to community service projects.  In addiition, they gave over $70,000 in goods or money to support projects such as the UK Ovarian Cancer Research Center, college scholarships, 4-H scholarships, food banks, blanket and coat collections, beautification projects, and foster care children.



Joining Extension Homemakers gives you an instant support group.  As you meet together at club meetings or work on projects, you will develop important friendships.  The fellowship with other members will lift your spirits and provide laughter or comfort when needed.




If you are interested in learning, leading, serving or supporting, the Kentucky Extension Homemaker Association is the organization for you.  It all begins with just a step - getting involved with a great organization.  Contact your Family and Consumer Sciences Agent for more details.


For more information, call or visit:

Tracy M. Cowles

County Extension Agent

Family and Consumer Sciences

112 E GL Smith Street, P O Box 370

Morgantown, KY  42261

(270) 526-3767


 Homemaker Membership Flyer


2018 Homemaker Scholarship Form


 Homemaker Lessons

 Program Year: 2017-2018

All trainings are held at the Butler County Extension Service, unless otherwise noted.


July 2017 - Creative Stitchery

August 2017 - FREE MONTH

September 2017 - Avoiding Scams While Shopping on the Internet

October 2017 - Holidays on a Budget - Warren/Barren Co

November 2017 - Holiday Desserts Around the World - Warren/Barren Co

December 2017 - Christmas Program

January 2018 - Trail of Tears

February 2018 - Essential Oils

March 2018 - Downsizing 

April 2018 - Recycled Art

May 2018 - Entrees for Less

June 2018 - History of Handkerchiefs


Homemaker Council Meetings


 July 24 - Extension Office, 1 pm

October 10 - Extension Office, 1 pm

January 9 - Extension Office, 1 pm

April 10 - Extension Office, 1 pm