The goal of the Family & Consumer Sciences Program is to improve the quality of life for individuals and familes. We address the challenges of critical issues affecting people's daily lives in a changing environment. Programs focus on economic, social and physical well-being of our clients. We strengthen personal and family relationships, encourage healthful choices, and identify resources to extend income.

For more information, call or visit:

Tracy M. Cowles

County Extension Agent

Family & Consumer Sciences

102 Parkway Lane

Morgantown, KY 42261

(270) 526-3767



FCS Events Coming Up Soon...

Call the Extension office, 270-526-3767, for more information


January 8 - Midway Homemakers, 10 am

January 13 - County Homemaker Council, 10 am

January 13 - Dexterville Homemakers, 5 pm

January 14 - Extension District Board, 5:30 pm 

January 21 - Aunt Janes Homemakers, 5 pm

January 23 - Paint Class - Love Birds, 10 am and 5 pm

February 3 - County Extension Council, 6 pm

February 10 - Dexterville Homemakers, 5 pm

February 12 - Midway Homemakers, 5 pm

February 18 - Aunt Janes Homemakers, 5 pm


Protect yourself when signing and dating any legal or financial documents, be sure to write out 2020. For example, write 1/6/2020 rather than 1/6/20 to prevent dishonest people from changing the date to 1/6/2015 or some other date! Building strong families. Building Kentucky. It starts with us. #UKFCSExt


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