County Extension Council

The County Extension Council is an organized body of volunteer leaders.  They counsel with agents and help identify issues and community needs, give support to development, carry out and evaluate non-formal educational programs that contribute to a county's social and economic development.  The County Extension Council  identifies issues and opportunities that serve as a basis for the county Extension program's content and emphasis by helping set priorities and goals.  The County Extension Council also communicates and promotes Extension programs, procedures and opportunities to the people, organizations and governing bodies of the county along with ensuring that a broad-based Extension program is available to all citizens.


Extension District Board

The Extension District Board is comprised of the County Judge/Executive and six citizens nominated by the County Extension Council and selected by the County Judge/Executive.  The District Board is a body corporate, serving as an agency of the state to manage the affairs of the Extension District.  It enters into a memorandum of agreement with the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and the District with the County Extension Council's advice.  All members of the Extension District Board are also members of the County Extension Council.