The Community and Economic Development program helps communities resolve locally determined problems with objective information and educational assistance.  the program also develops community leadership potential and assists communities determine long-range programs of action on such issues as economic development, community services, community planning and visioning, land use, and community resource management.


Butler County Rural Development

     Butler County was one of three Kentucky counties selected in 1956 as a pilot Rural Development County.  Federal, state, and county Extension Service personnel cooperated with other agencies to set up a long-range, leader-oriented program.  There were over 55 counties involved nationwide. 

     The first major step was to form a county-wide Rural Development Committee which resulted in community development clubs being organized throughout various parts of the county.  Many clubs were formed, and Big Bend, Little Muddy, Provo, and Reedyville Rural Development Clubs are still active today.

     Butler County is the only county in the US that still has an active Rural Development program.

     While Butler County Rural Development has accomplished goals such as aiding in establishing water lines to rural familes, providing recreational facilities within communities, or working hand-in-hand with the Chamber of Commerce to promote Butler County, one of the primary funtions has been to provide educational programs for rural families.  Each month, a program of interest is provided to Rural Development members.  These programs range from new agricultural products and innovative practices; craft demonstrations; forestry information; fire, emergency, law, and civil defense guest speakers; local government officials; and much more.


Reedyville Rural Development

     The Reedyville Rural Development Club was born on March 12, 1957.  Elected officers and community members set forth to get community interest in coming to monthly meetings and taking part in developing and improving their community.

     Reedyville RD has accmplished many goals throughout the community that includes the building the current Community Center, cleaning of community cemeteries, and with combined efforts of the people of the community, attaining a black-top road and bridge at Honakers Ferry.

     Reedyville RD could not have accomplished their numerous goals without the support of the community through Rural Development members, volunteers, and fundraising efforts.

     Reedyville Rural Development Club meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. for regular monthly meetings and hosts several fundraising events that include a community yard sale and chili supper.  There will be no meeting in January or February.


Little Muddy Rural Development   

     The Little Muddy Rural Development Club was established in 1957.  The main purpose of the club is to develop leaders and to make improvements within the community.  The club encourages unity among its members and pride in the county. 

     With help and support from the community, the club has been able to accomplish numerous goals.  The club has maintained and renovated the historic Little Muddy Community Center which was built in 1830.  The club holds fundraisers to help support non-profit  groups throughout Butler County and continuously strives to make improvements in the Little Muddy Community. 

     The Little Muddy Rural Development Club meets every third Monday at the Little Muddy Community Center at 6:30p.m.  


Big Bend Rural Development

     The Big Bend Rural Development Club was organized in 1958.  Big Bend RD held it's first meeting in the current community center on August 13, 1959. 

     Big Bend RD has made many accomplishments that include erecting a welcoming sign to the Logansport community, renovating the community center, extending water lines and gas service in Logansport, and was one of the fist civic organizations in the state to join the "Don't Trash our Bluegrass Adopt-A-Highway" program.  They have received the Golden Blade Award from the Kentucky Department of Transportation for adopting 7 miles of Logansport Road and all 2 miles of Horseshoe Bend Road.

     Big Bend RD could not have accomplished their many goals without the support of their community. 

     Big Bend Rural Development meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for regular montly meetings and hosts several fundraising events that include a Community Pay Supper.  There will be no meeting in January or February.


Provo Rural Development Club

     The Provo Rural Development Club was organized in 1958 and quickly began working on establishing their community center located on Provo Road. 

     Provo RD has accomplished many goals that include community/club center renovations, constructed a community recreation area that includes a basketball court, tennis court, and playground area, and also partiipates in the Kentucky State "Adopt-A-Highway" program cleaning approximately 5 miles of Provo Road.

     Provo RD has succeeded due to community participation.  Rural Development members and volunteers contribute to the ongoing planning and achieving found in the Provo community.

     Provo Rural Development meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for regular montly meetings at the Provo RD/Community Center and hosts several fundraising events such as the Provo Fish Fry and Pie Supper.

    The Provo Pie Supper is scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2016 with meals available at 5:00 p.m.  Benefits go to club operations.